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Rev. A. T. Speight, Sr. started the Farmer's Enterprise in 1914.  It was the first African American business to open in Dublin, GA.  The Farmers' Enterprise was located in the heart of downtown Dublin on the corner of Madison and Lawrence streets.  Rev. A. T. Speight, Sr. was an agriculture guru who, during his years as a farmer, was associated with the Negro of America.  In 1899, he purchased the land on which the current Pecan Farmers' Enterprise is located.  The sprawling orchard of trees is what is left of his original plantings over a hundred years ago.  In 2011, his great-granddaughter, Phyllis Edwards Turner, bought back 15.39  of the original 350 acres once owned by her great-grandfather. The  announcement of the purchase was to be a surprise for her mother, Mrs. Equilla Speight Edwards, who had lived most of her life on the land, affectionately called "The Speights' Place".  As a new and beginning farmer, Phyllis began farming the land in 2017.  In 2019, she formalized the business, the A. T. Speight, Sr. Pecan Farmers' Enterprise, in honor of her great-grandfather.  Today, our products include Stuarts, Desirables or Amlings.  Prices will be determined by current market.  We are members of the Pecan Growers Association of Georgia and we look forward to serving your needs.  Thank you.

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